The best MUT Ultimate Kickoff promo card in Madden 21

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The Madden team released the Ultimate Kickoff promotion on August 10th to celebrate the start of the 2020 NFL season. The promotion adds a new form of currency and Madden 21 Coins. There are a few players to watch, but which cards should you draw for the MUT roster?

The two highest-rated cards are WR Brandin Cooks (90 OVR) and CB Byron Jones (90 OVR). Cooks is a limited card because it will be packaged and sold until September 12. Jones is a special Master item, and to unlock 90 total cards, you need to collect four 88 OVR Ultimate Kickoff heroes (HB Todd Gurley II, T Trent Williams, DT Linval Joseph, DE Yannick Ngakoue) and add them to Special combination. This will reward you with 90 OVR Byron Jones cards and the two heroes you put in the set in a non-tradable form.

In terms of our recommendations, following WR Brandin Cooks may not be worth it. Since Cook is a limited project, his cost will be very high. Jones, on the other hand, should be worth the price. Jones' 6'0" frame is enough to choke the receiver, and with 90 speed and 84 people coverage, he should be a strong choice for Cover 1 and Cover 2.

The Falcon HB Todd Gurley II always seems to be reliable in Madden. Thanks to his great strength and 6 inches 1 inch running performance, his performance is not disappointing. Gurley's Ultimate Kickoff card has some good attributes (87 speed, 89 agility, 85 breakthrough tackles), which makes him an excellent pickup.

Panthers WR Robby Anderson has many receivers you want. The previous jetliner had dimensions (6'3"), speed (89), and good route performance (79 SRR, 81 MRR). Overall, Robby Anderson only had At 85, he should not go bankrupt.

Fast-moving sprinters can be dangerous in Madden, especially if they have good strength and shrewd/power mobility. Washington DE Chase Young may not have the highest total score (83) in the ultimate kick-off card, but his speed (81) and acceleration (87) make him quite dangerous in a hurry. Young may not have the best Finesse (78) and Power (71) mobile attributes, nor the gorgeous Strength (81) attributes. However, if he can beat the opponent's lineman, he should be able to quickly enter the quarterback at his own speed.

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