I did attempt MUT

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Hell even after doing this, it will not keep up Madden 20 coins with the newest record. Once you break the record before the seasons over, just a pet peeve of mine, and they never cite the record being added to by you. Or if you split next season to it they announce the record breaking for most in a game, even though you have not attained the current record you've got. When they do cite it, they mention that the record you broke. When I broke the single season rushing TD album they said it but when I did it again they said it in the stat at which I initially beat it. Therefore it did not even mention that the TD record.

I'm reluctant to play MUT because when I attempt to play my online franchise with my friends, I get kicked off the servers around 8 times each match, then if I get pumped right at the end of Madden nfl, it doesn't save and I have to restart. I know I'd never make it in MUT. I really like madden because of its images and they layout of how to playwith, but even to this day, NCAA was my #1 choice because of how madden's out of match features are put up.Seriously, I'd say that my real favorite feature is being able to play only offense or defense. There's days where I just wan na toss the ball or play with D although it shortens the length of matches. I simply could not get into it although I did attempt MUT. I MUT just ain't it. Does not feel franchise that is like that is private does. Than I would MUT I get far more attached to my players in business.

Hell even Chris does replay and shows you open receivers and why you made a terrible choice throwing into triple versus single policy.2k has had what pretty much amounts to exclusive rights because of how bad NBA Live continues to be, yet I feel like Madden nfl (usually) gets better and more immersive year-to-year. I hate to keep banging the drum, and it's far from a perfect franchise - itching microtransactions cough - but what they are doing is consistently ahead of Madden. Sometimes it feels like Madden is moving backwards.

I don't wish to let myself put in an"EA hates gamers and doesn't care if they make a shitty match" circle jerk, but EA Tiburon certainly feels complacent and unmotivated to evolve participant immersion. There is no competition. There are any other football games in any way. MLB The Show has SOME competition in games like Super Mega Baseball. If you want a football game it has literally got to be Madden, which is a real problem. As should any licensing agreement that's similar to it the NFL and EA licensing agreement ought to be prohibited.

You may be on to something. It creates a monopoly of forms on the soccer simulation market. You are right about the money. The best way to fix this problem is competition. Competition lowers prices and increases product quality. Econ 101. It stinks that EA has exclusive right to Star Wars as well. So many great games could be made. All it does is prevent games' improvement because they have significantly less incentive to improve. At least when 2K made soccer games they needed to attempt to be better each year to sell over the franchise to more coins on mmoexp. With no competition, they are guaranteed a certain number of sales, and they know it.