Madden was the best selling game

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EA Sports, NFL Players Association and the NFL reached a multi-year agreement to maintain Madden as the league soccer simulation game, continuing its decades-long partnership that was iconic. "Our rapid expansion this season was industry-changing and Madden 20 coins has been a key forcing function in forcing the biggest and widest-reaching deal in interactive entertainment for the NFL."

EA says 30% grew year monthly average players attained an all-time high, and more than 330 million hours of Madden nfl have now been played since Madden 2020 came out. The coronavirus pandemic has helped A number of that, together with sports on hold and the world. Player participation in April was nearly two times greater than it was in April 2019,'' Weber explained, and Madden esports had lots of exposure instead of both Major League Baseball and the NBA playoffs in the last two months on ESPN2 and ESPN.

But the success Madden has enjoyed during the past few months isn't unique to them. Video game sales in April reach $1.466 billion, according to industry tracker The NPD Group, up from $846 million in April 2019. EA Sports' FIFA 20 finished in 12th. Madden was 16th behind 3rd place MLB place NBA and place FIFA.

NPD reported that Madden was the best selling game through April of the year, behind place MLB and place NBA. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Animal Crossing: New Horizon were the best two. "Every year we must invest to give compelling reasons for our players to stay with us, and also to return to play throughout the year," Weber stated. "This is the reason why it's not just about compelling content at start, but also our capacity to continue to nourish our game with gameplay and content which evolves through the season, and that can tie back to what is going on in the real NFL."

Weber said the NFL and EA are working on expanding Madden's growth internationally and enhancing the design and development of Madden nfl. Including enhanced arcade mode esports programs, new genres and mobile experiences, according to a media release. Weber said that there's a plan to improve investment in Madden and expand their reach and providing fans more ways to play and compete against each other. "We've got nothing else specific to announce at the moment," Weber said, adding that additional information on Madden 21 will be revealed on Monday,"but we are enthusiastic about fulfilling our long term vision, and this new deal allows us to do this"

As stay-at-home orders impacted a huge majority of health and safety and Americans was put over productivity globally, Weber said the EA Sports team felt the complications in creating the upcoming that COVID-19 presented Madden 21, the match as part of the contract. The Madden group was in setting up a support structure that enabled its development teams to continue working remotely early. Because of that, Weber said that things have remained on course for the new game.

While Madden could be lagging behind its AAA competitions of Mut 20 coins for sale in other sports, EA, both the NFL and the NFLPA share the identical vision in growing Madden nfl, Weber said. "And we plan to do that through broadening the content we provide, for viewing or playing, all around the world," he explained.